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Infrastructure & Connectivity

The infrastructure in Haridwar which is a pilgrimage site in North India is very well developed. It is considered to be the centre point of the religious tourism of the country and it has been endowed with a strong base which helps in facilitating industrial development and flourishing tourism sector. It boasts of wonderful public transport as well as communication network. The nearest airport is in Dehra Dun and Haridwar is also very well connected through railway network links. The high end road transportation network facilitates easy movement of buses, auto rickshaws, taxis, etc.


A 2011 census declared that Haridwar has a population of approximately 1,890,422, people including men, women and children. Thus, there is a huge market for real estate here. People are looking to buy real estate properties for investment purposes and even for personal use. Even people from outside are investing in properties in Haridwar. People are looking for housing schemes which offer them good location, access to local markets, hospitals, schools, etc. They are ready to invest in a high end property as long as they are getting all the amenities like swimming pool, sports club, common area, community hall, etc.

Life Style

Due to the spiritual significance of the city, the residents are religiously inclined. They are very proud of their rich culture and they have prominently contributed to the heritage of the place. People lead a simple lifestyle and follow their ages old traditions. The traditional Indian wear is quite popular here, even though Western clothing is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. A number of tourists visit Haridwar every year and thus it has become a culturally rich destination of the country. Most of the residents are involved in tourism and hospitality making the place a huge industrial hub.

Key localities in Haridwar

Since Haridwar is considered to be the holiest city of the country, it has a sizeable local population location in different areas. Apart from the local residents, there are a good number of people visiting the city in the form of yatris, tourists, pilgrims, etc. Some people visit the city for a day or so while others stay for a longer time. A lot of families visit the city due to its wonderful attractions, sources of spirituality and meditation. Some popular localities of Haridwar are Shivalik Nagar, Salempur Mahadod, Kangra, etc. Amongst these areas, the city has become quite congested.

Projects in Haridwar

There are a lot of residential real estate projects which are being undertaken by the private builders. There is a lot of scope for real estate in the city since it is a major pilgrimage of the country. A lot of people are investing in the real estate sector in the city. Since a lot of tourists visit the place for different purposes, there is a huge need for good properties in the area. Thus, ETH Infra has come up with its residential project “Rudra”. The high quality project offers well-built 1 , 2 , 3 BHK fully furnished apartments.