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Property for sales in Haridwar

Properties for sale in Haridwar- an Easy Investment Options

In case you are looking for properties to invest in Haridwar, then you should consider a few important points. These points will help you make the right decision.


Location and proximity to the amenities, neighbourhood status, peaceful areas, scenic views, etc. are very important factors to be considered for evaluating the residential properties. Proximity to warehouses, markets, freeways, transportation hubs, etc. play an important role in valuation of the commercial properties.

The peaceful open area at the back of the residential buildings might be developed into noisy manufacturing facilities in the near future making residential valuations not so profitable. Its suggested to conduct a thorough check of the ownership, intended use and the type of neighbouring locations, the establishments as well as the free land in that locality. This will help you in choosing a good location.


Real-estate financing during the purchases, listing prices during investment analysis, sale, taxation and insurance premium all depend on the valuation of real estate.

Some of the most commonly used methodologies are:

Sale comparison approach- the recent comparable sale of properties with the similar characteristics- common as well as suitable for new/old properties

Cost approach- all the cost, less depreciation suitable for the newly constructed properties

Income approach- on the basis of the expected cash inflow suitable for rental

Investment purpose and the investment horizon

Given the high value and low liquidity investment in the real-estate properties lacking clarity on the purposes could lead to a lot of unexpected results including financial stress especially when investment has been mortgaged.

Expected cash inflow and profit opportunities

The investment purposes and uses influence the cash flow and thus the profit opportunities.

Plan the draft projections for below mentioned modes of expenses and profits:

The expected cash inflow from the rental income- inflation favour landlords for the rental income

Expected rise in the intrinsic value because of long term appreciation of price

Analysis of cost benefit of renovation before the sale for getting a good price

Analysis of cost benefit of the mortgaged loans versus the value appreciation. 

You need to be very careful with the leverage

Loan is a very convenient way of buying a house but it comes with a huge cost. You need to commit your income in future, get utility now for the price of interest spread throughout many years. Understanding the ways of handling loan of this type would help you benefit from it.

On the basis of your present and the expected future income and paying capacity, you may consider the below things:

Decide the type of mortgaging loan which would suit your situation the best

You need to be aware of all the terms/conditions as well as other charges which are levied by the financiers

Look around and then bargain for better deal with the help of a tool such as a mortgage calculator for finding lower rates of interest.

Investment in the new construction versus the existing properties

Newly constructed properties generally offer attractive price, an option to customise, clearly mentioned amenities as well as clear titles. An investor needs to deal with just the construction firm. The risks comprise of a delay in the possession of the property, an increase in the cost, no awareness about neighbourhood, etc.

So these are some of the important points you should consider while investing in new or existing properties in Haridwar. They will help you in taking the right decision.